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Naples Daily News
Serving the area for more than 88 years.
• 50,000-110,000 paid and ABC-audited circulation based on seasonal population fluctuations
• One of the highest measured audiences in the U.S.

• Single copy and home delivered in Collier County
Bonita Daily News
The Daily News

• 7,000-13,000 combined paid and ABC-audited circulation based on seasonal population fluctuations
• Single copy and home delivered to (BDN) Bonita Springs, (TDN) South Lee County
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Boating. Fishing. Marine.
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Local Real Estate News & Listings Under One Roof!

A Weekend Guide to Real Estate and Open Houses in Southwest Fl.

Every Friday inside the Daily News.


Specifically targets interested automotive shoppers and enthusiasts.
Every Saturday in the daily news.

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Community Publications
the banner  •  marco eagle  •  collier citizen
The best way to describe our style is a “magazine printed on newsprint.” We're focused on visual story-telling featuring quick hit stories with an emphasis on our local communities.
the banner
Broadsheet published on Wednesdays and Saturdays with local content for Bonita Springs, Estero and South Lee County.
Publishes each Wednesday and Saturday

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marco eagle
Broadsheet newspaper, that has faithfully served the residents of Marco Island for more than forty years.
Publishes each Tuesday and Friday
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collier citizen
Weekly broadsheet newspaper, which reaches residential communities surrounding the City of Naples.
Publishes each Saturday
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The Journal
The Journal cover
Meet your neighbor!
Our readers have come to expect the most in-depth coverage of Naples philanthropic, arts, and social scene.

The Journal is distributed via a powerful combination of direct mail and Naples Daily News paid subscribership to the highly desirable neighborhoods
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Published 10 times a year.
Slip Ads
A slip ad is a free-standing, two-sided, vertical half-page ad inserted into the newspaper.
Naples Direct Mail
Targeting Southwest Florida
• Custom Profiling and Analysis
• List Processing
• Customized Creative
• Print Production

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