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Sponsorship Guidelines




•  Requests must be made a minimum of 12 weeks (3 months) prior to event date.

•  Requests must be made in writing via sponsorship request form: CLICK HERE

•  The form must be completely filled and submitted with sponsorship package levels including value of each package.



As a partner, Daily News requires the audience to not only know that we are a sponsor, but also to learn something about the Daily News, its services and its products including We prefer to support opportunities that have the following sponsorship benefits:

• Lead generation and direct marketing opportunities with the potential to increase readership, circulation, website page cviews and advertising revenue.

• Exclusive content generation including results, interviews or news coverage (live footage, scores, statistics via text, cphotos, live streaming cvideo, etc.).

• On-site presence with banners, table or opportunity to provide event emcee or event panelist.

• Subscriber and client hospitality elements include tickets, tables, membership discounts, reader contests, VIP access

  and special amenities.

• Cause Marketing opportunities for Daily News’ Satisfy the Hunger Community Food Drive.



•  Nonprofit status of applying organization.

•  Event alignment with Naples Daily News’ charitable mission and alignment with philanthropic goals.

•  Event relevance and alignment to the Naples Daily News and and readers and subscribers.

•  Event target audience and its size.

•  Event timing within the year. The Daily News can only sponsor a limited number of events per month.

•  Event category/type. Daily News seeks to sponsor as broad a range of events as possible.



•  If the Naples Daily News decides to sponsor your event, a written agreement will be drafted outlining the value of the

   sponsorship, ad schedule, amenities, signage requirements and all information accepted by Daily News.

•  The contract must be signed by an authorized representative and returned for final approval and signature of the

   Marketing Director, or Publisher.

• There will be no sponsorship without a signed agreement.

•  he Naples Daily News does not cosponsor events with other newspaper print media (except The News-Press)

   unless an exception has been made and is indicated in the contract.

•  If there is an advertising budget, a portion of the budget must be spent with Daily News.



•  In-kind sponsorships include print advertising only.

•  Event organizer must provide camera-ready ads in pdf format.

•  Sponsorship ads are subject to space availability.

•  Naples Daily News does not guarantee position of ads.

•  Ads may only be used to promote the event per the agreement.

•  Ad space does not count toward any other advertising agreement or contract with Daily News.



• Within one (1) month after the event, the organization must submit a written report of the event’s attendance, media

  used and goals achieved.

• The report should include copies of press releases, event program, photos of event signage and any other materials

    hat were included as part of the agreement.

• Preferred method of reporting is electronically but may be submitted by mail or hand delivered.

• There will be no consideration on future sponsorships without this report.



•  A sponsorship agreement with Naples Daily News does not guarantee news coverage or photographs.

•  Naples Daily News reserves the right to change these guidelines or terminate this program without notice.



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