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Sponsorship Criteria


Sponsorship and Partnership agreements are intended to cultivate our relationship with a large number of readers and potential readers with the intent to increase circulation. These events offer opportunities for the Naples Daily News to work in partnership with event organizers through advertising, public relations, media placement, point-of-purchase and media cross-promotion to help stimulate the readership and subscription of the newspaper. Provide positive visibility for the Naples Daily News newspapers, not compromise the newspaper’s journalistic integrity or independence.


For the Naples Daily News to consider a sponsorship or partnership agreement, the event or program must make a difference in the communities we serve, have the potential to increase readership, circulation and/or advertising revenue, reach the Naples Daily News target market, not discriminate with regard to race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference or age.


A request for a Sponsorship or Partnership Agreement requires the following:



Naples Daily News will be the sole newspaper/print partner (except The News-Press) unless otherwise approved by the Marketing Director.



As a sponsor, the Naples Daily News will be recognized on all promotional materials, including but not limited to, posters, fliers, programs, tickets, signage, print and broadcast advertising, press releases and all marketing materials. The appropriate logo representing the Naples Daily News logo should be used whenever possible. The logo cannot be altered in any way and the size of the logo must be in proportion to the size of the advertisement materials.


Booth Space & Signage

If booth space is available, assigned booth space to distribute promotional items, sell daily newspapers and/or solicit subscriptions and promote NIE must be provided. Banner space must be provided by the organization in a prominent area. Banners should be picked up at the Naples Daily News prior to the event.


Sponsorship Levels

The Naples Daily News values our in-kind assets and it is our expectation to receive the equal sponsorship level entitled to the agreement including tickets, promotional items, participation and any other benefit listed on the sponsorship package.


Reader/Advertising Benefits

Naples Daily News is interested in providing added value to our readers and advertisers and may choose to have reader contests, discounts, VIP treatment and/or any special amenities to offer our readers and advertisers.


First Right of Refusal

Event organizers agree to offer Naples Daily News the first right of refusal for event sponsorship the next time sponsorships are negotiated.


Event Evaluation Report

The organization must submit a written report of the event’s attendance, media used and goals achieved within a month after the event. There will be no consideration on future sponsorships without this report.


Agreement of Confidentiality

The specific terms and conditions of sponsorship agreements are confidential. They shall not be made available to any third party without the prior written consent of the Naples Daily News and the event organizer.



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