Scripps Southwest Florida Group
Community Ad Guidelines (Charitable Ads)

Community ads are intended to promote events that benefit the community or promote fund raising efforts of organizations that provide valuable services to the Collier and/or Lee County communities.

Scripps Southwest Florida Group is proud to support our community in many ways. One way we serve our community is to donate valuable paid advertising space in our products through special sponsorship agreements.

A request for community ads must meet the guidelines outlined in this agreement.

Scripps Southwest Florida Group does not provide community ads to individual citizens or privately owned companies. Community ads are offered to organizations registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations and the appropriate paperwork must be submitted at the time of the request.

All requests will be carefully evaluated for their value to the Collier and/or Lee County Communities. Our online Request Form must be filled out to be considered for a community ad.

Organizations purchasing space or time in other media promoting their event or program are ineligible to receive Community ads for said event or program.

All requests for Community ads must be submitted in writing (form provided) and must be submitted four weeks prior to the onset of the event.

Community ads need to promote a specific fundraising or community event. Ad campaigns or “thank you” ads will be billed at the non-profit rate.

No logos or company names are allowed on Community Ads, other than the sponsored organization logo or name unless approved by the Scripps Southwest Florida Group

Community ads are provided on a space available basis. There is no guarantee on ad placement for Community ads.

Participating in the Community Ad program does not guarantee news coverage. If you would like to be considered for news coverage, please submit a press release to our newsrooms.

If your request is approved, you will be granted a maximum of three 2x6 ads that will be publish in the Scripps Southwest Florida Group product best serving the need of the event.

If you choose not to use all three 2x6 ads for the specified event, the remaining ads are null and void. They may not be transferred to any other request.

Once approved, the organization must provide camera ready art emailed in PDF form. You can attach your electronic file to your request submission or email your ad to:

All Community organizations must submit requests through the Scripps Southwest Florida Groups Community Event Manager and approved by the Marketing Director, General Manager or Publisher.

Scripps Southwest Florida Group reserves the right to change these guidelines or terminate this program at any time.