Community Events and Sponsorships

Naples Daily News is primarily interested in sponsorships that support literacy and education, diversity and youth development along with business development in the community.

To have Naples Daily News consider becoming an exclusive major print media sponsor, the following 10 guidelines have been established for review.

Community Events and Sponsorship

Southwest Florida is home to a wide array of community and regional events. We are proud to be actively involved in supporting numerous projects, programs and organizations that reflect Southwest Florida's heritage and contribute to the cultural fabric of our community.

Every year, we receive hundreds of applications from groups requesting publicity for their events or for sponsorship. We review each request and, based on our qualification criteria and guidelines, we honor as many of these requests as our time and resources allow.
All requests for sponsorship must be submitted in writing via our sponsorship request form including sponsorship levels and their benefits. You must agree to the Sponsorship/Trade criteria and guidelines. Any deviation from those guidelines must be submitted in writing and approved in writing.

All requests need to be submitted no less than eight weeks prior to the event.

If Naples Daily News agrees to sponsor your event, a written contract will be drafted outlining the value of the sponsorship, ad schedule, amenities, signage requirements and all information accepted by Naples Daily News. The contract must be signed by an authorized representative and returned for final approval and signature of the Marketing Director, or the General Manager or the Publisher. There will be no agreement without receiving a signed contract.

As a standard in the industry, Naples Daily News does not co-sponsor events with other print media unless an exception has been made and is indicated in the contract signed by the Marketing Director. If there is an advertising budget, portion of the budget should be spent with Naples Daily News if applicable.

Once the contract is signed by both parties, all information including ad copy, art, logos, photos must be provided to the Naples Daily News Community Events Manager to design and create the ads according to what the ad designer feels will deliver the best results. Camera ready ads are accepted in PDF format and must conform to the established guidelines of the contract. There will be no changes to the ad once it has been published and was approved by the event organizer.

Any “thank you” ads will be added to the value of the contract within the level of the agreement and must conform to the established guidelines of the contract. Any additional advertising exceeding the value of the contract may be purchased at the non-profit rate and will be billed to the organization.

Naples Daily News cannot guarantee placement of the ad. Sponsorship ads are subject to space availability. Advertising space is for the contracted event only and cannot be used for any other event or moved to the same event the following year and any unused ad space will be forfeited. All contracts will be renegotiated for each event. Ad space will not count toward any other advertising agreement or contract.

A sponsorship agreement with Naples Daily News does not guarantee news coverage or photographs.

Within a month after the event, the organization must submit a written report of the event’s attendance, media used and goals achieved within a month after the event. There will be no consideration on future sponsorships without this report.

Naples Daily News reserves the right to change these guidelines or terminate this program without notice.